Open Agenda Link *in new window*

Would be great to have an additional option in this menu: “Open Link in New Window”. :grinning:

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Seems like a good idea. Will take it along. Thanks!

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This should already work if you hold the alt/option key while clicking the Agenda link


So it does! Thanks.

However, I’m so used to using the pop up menu it would be great to have it there too.

Unfortunately that menu is system provided and doesn’t allow the flexibility to change it the way we can for others.

You understand this stuff, I don’t! But it seems odd given all the other items in that menu. Perhaps we’re talking at cross purposes?

Hi guys, when I right click on an Agenda internal link I get the option to “Open in Window”. Is that not what’s being discussed here?

@mekentosj , above you mention that alt clicking the link should open it in a new window, but that doesn’t work for me - nothing happens. Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding?



Hi Alex, what you describe is control clicking, you can open an agenda link in a new window by holding the alt/option key.

Hi @mekentosj, sorry if I wasn’t clear, but alt-clicking does not work for me. Nothing happens. In other apps alt-clicking works as expected, e.g. in Arc it opens a link in a split window.

Btw, when I hold the alt key in Agenda, the mouse pointer turns into a crosshair. Is that normal?

I posted the screen showing the right click / control click menu because the first post in the thread from Apr 2023 said:

Would be great to have an additional option in this menu: “Open Link in New Window”. :grinning:

My menu has “Open In Window”, so it seems this was added at some point?

Strange, it works here fine, you do have the premium features active? And you hold the alt/option key at the moment you click the link? Finally, note that this only works with Agenda links (to notes or projects), not website urls or other types of links.

I just tried it on my MacBook Pro and it worked, so I restarted Agenda on my Mac Studio and it’s now working. Not sure why it wasn’t before. It could be something specific to my setup – I’ll let you know if it happens again.

One thing I learned while checking this is that in native macOS applications, including TextEdit, holding down the Option key transforms the cursor into a crosshair symbol (‘+’). This enables a special text selection mode where you can drag the cursor across text to select blocks of text vertically and horizontally. This method allows for non-linear text selection, meaning you can select text across multiple lines in a rectangular area, rather than the standard linear, line-by-line text selection.

However, in Agenda, while the cursor changes to the crosshair, the non-linear text selection across multiple lines doesn’t work:

I’m not sure how useful this feature is, but I thought I’d mention it.



The vertical selection isn’t supported in Agenda because our text model is way more complex than that of TextEdit.

Makes sense, thanks!