"One Task, One Note" - Thoughts? Ideas?

At present the granularity of Agenda is only down to the note level for an identifier in links. This is problematic for linking to any specific content within a note. I’ve been told that taking this down to paragraph level is planned for the future; including highlighted text would be a dream.

For the present, in order to optimize my work flow I create each task (checkmark item) in a separate Note containing Title, note field and link and send it to OmniFocus which manages these items and to Fantastical as an event. Just curious if anyone else is doing something similar?

Well, yes and no.
I do optimise my workflow but differently.
Having been a hardcore OmniFocus user for years myself, Agenda suddenly gave me the opportunity to keep tasks, their contexts and all the stuff that causes them plus their results in one system. So I stopped using OmniFocus altogether and committed to Agenda.


I’ve been using Agenda only and Things + Agenda back and forth since Agenda came out.

I had found a system that works pretty with Agenda only, making me use one tool as @robbie07. It worked pretty well but my job changed a bit and I had a hard time to move tasks, filter them and see them from different perspectives with Agenda only. I guess that if Agenda proposed a search mechanism where only the matching line is shown on screen, I could use Agenda only again.

Currently, I use Agenda as my personal note taking. During a meeting I may capture tasks in the note. After the meeting, I capture them if they are actual ones in Things, in which I put a link to the Agenda project or note depending on the context. I also use Notion for shared notes, and I use the same pattern with Things.

Thus Agenda is not used to track tasks and note about a particular task but rather the project and its advancement, like a journal, and Things is used for actions and organization.


I use Agenda as my project repository and note taking app. I use GoodTask as my task tracking app. GoodTask is simply Apple Reminders on steroids, therefore using the Agenda shortcuts I can easily create/embed tasks in Agenda notes that automatically create a task in my task tracking system GoodTask. The two work really well together for me.