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If you want this to be a good Journal or Diary, in addition to being a great Note taking app, I think you need a feature that reminds you what you did on this day, 1, 2, 3, etc. Years ago. It is truly amazing to look back and see what you were working on, struggling with, etc. This makes the date feature of you app even more powerful… Thanks. And, yes, mograting from Day One is a prime example…

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You could already do this, I think. Just do this:

  1. Select Search All
  2. Click the calendar control next to the Search field, and select a day a year ago
  3. Save the search as “One Year Ago”
  4. When it asks, make sure the dates are relative, ie, change with each day.

That should do it!

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ok, this works for 1 year ago, but is there a way to make it show, for example, every note from any March 1st, for example? Not just from one year ago?

I find this search to be so useful for my work journal. It’s really helpful to see how cyclical my work is, that I am often doing similar things and am similarly busy at similar times of the year. This helps me plan and reflect on patterns.

Alas, those kind of queries aren’t possible at the moment.

+1 for adding this day a year ago, this week a year ago, etc. to the search filter. Ideally they would be options in the calendar box for both global searches and individual project searches.

I can’t meaningfully use this feature yet, but I would be able to in about two months. :slight_smile: It’d be really helpful for my projects organized by client in the fall.

I want this feature, too. It’s the one feature that makes Day One better than Agenda. And it seems that Agenda’s developers have no interest in providing this feature as this request was made a year ago. Pity. Means that I have to return to Day One as this is a very, very important feature for me.

Day One is a journaling app, so being able to see what you were doing a year ago does make some sense there. For Agenda, it would be a niche that only a few would use.

That said, you can probably come close with saved searches: Choose Search All; select a date or range a year ago; Save the search as “A Year Ago”. Now when you click the saved search, you will get notes dated a year ago.

Thanks for your honest reply. However, that means “Good bye, Agenda. Welcome back, Day One”. While you consider this a niche feature, I consider it essential. And your proposed workaround is not the solution I am looking for. “On this day” means “on this day” and not “somewhat around this day” which your proposed search actually is as it deals with the number of days and would only work properly if there were no leap years.

However, as you already implemented a search function it should be easy for you to implement a specific search realising the “On this day” feature. But, alas, your reply was absolutely clear: you won’t do that. Therefore, you just lost a paying customer.

Good luck with your project!

I do really like the “on this day” feature from Day One. Given Agenda’s focus on date-based entries, I think it would make a lot of sense.

I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion, but I would certainly appreciate it.

The reason we come to that conclusion is that we simply get very few requests for it. Not saying that it’s not useful, just saying that it’s not as much sought after as say “autocompletion of tags”, which therefore is something higher up on our list.

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I don’t think there is a need for this kind of tone to be honest. What Drew is suggesting is giving you pretty much exactly what you’re asking for, a way to see the notes from a year ago. And this is 100% accurate in 3 out of the 4 years. Does it take properly leap years into account? No, but why then not ask us to fix that instead of writing in the way you do?

Properly showing notes for exactly the same day in the same month at some point in the future or past (be it the same day in the year before, the same weekday three weeks from now or the 3rd monday of three months ago) is something that has a much broader application then just showing notes from exactly 365 days ago, and therefore makes much more sense to tackle. And as a bonus it will allow you to create the On this Day overview that also works in leap years…

That’s interesting, @mekentosj. While Drew’s reply sounded like “We will never do that” (as he said it would be only a niche feature) do you want me to believe that you would even implement a much broader feature that only a few people would use? (Otherwise, it would not be a niche feature.)

And then again, Drew’s and your proposed solution is not the “On this day” feature that Day One provides. Day One shows all entries from the same date, i.e. 1 year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years ago etc. in one place. No need to create several searches and to go through those searches steps by step. That’s very uncomfortable.

Concerning my “tone”. Grammarly thought it was “friendly”, “joyful”, or “confident” with a strong emphasis on “friendly”. But I guess that was not your understanding of my “tone” given your wording. :wink:

I leave it absolutely up to you if you choose to implement “On this day”. I already made my decision after Drew’s reply and have started porting all my Agenda entries into Day One and will use Day One again.

Once again, good luck with your work.

What is a niche feature is to specifically add a single overview for one particular day in the past. Adding the ability to better define a relative day in the future or past not only by a simple day offset but also by offsets like “nth day on the nth month, or nth weekday in nth weeks” etc has much broader use cases, which makes it a lot less niche than adding the On this Day feature.

To on top of that add a repetitive element of making such a year independent of the year is indeed another step, and when it then comes to prioritisation over the many other features users are asking for we prefer to be honest in that it’s not very likely to be added anytime soon. So if that would the critical feature for you, then yes, you are probably better off with Day One.