On the Agenda view in chronological order

Hm… Ok, I don’t like this at all. When I click “On the Agenda” I am not seeing a reverse chronological view. I’m seeing a project-based view. I have a lot of projects, so in order to see what I worked on in reverse order (from now), I’d have to scroll across every project. Oh dear, that’s not going to work.

I think “On the Agenda” should truly be event-based, in reverse chron order… not ordered by project. Or give us an option, but please let me view simply in reverse chron order of everything I have been working on. Otherwise it’s just not going to work for me… too much scrolling. Really seems counter to the basic premise of a time-based orientation.


An ungrouped view mode for the overviews has indeed been a frequent request, we have it on our list.

This feature would probably benefit from allowing projects to be given different colours: view every note chronologically and have a visual hint as to which project each note belongs to.

One thing that I have discovered over time is that, for me, On the Agenda works best when I restrict it to very few notes. Just the ones that I am really dealing with today or the next few days. I typically have less than 5 in there. At that scale, the On the Agenda overview is much more useful. It really is a shortcut to the important stuff.

As @mekentosj said, we are looking at some order control, but I think this will remain true: On the Agenda is most effective when you aggressively take things off the agenda.

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I’ve discovered this too! On the Agenda is for stuff I’m actively working on today. It’s the equivalent of taking the physical notes and files I need today out off the shelves and laying them on my desk. When I’ve finished with them, I’ll put them away.

I find it’s really helpful as a mental tool, letting me see what I’m going to work on today.

Also, the fact I have to manually add notes to the Agenda is great. I decided what I’m working on when I plan my day - not some computer programme based on due dates etc. I use searches to see what’s coming up and them I decide what I’ll do. (I find the automation of Things counter productive sometimes - If I don’t actively manage it, all these tasks appear in Today and I’m psychologically overwhelmed.)

Incidentally, I use a pencil and paper notebook alongside Agenda. I write a To Do list each morning - this includes stuff that doesn’t need an Agenda Note, eg call X back, make dentists appointment.

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I just want to second this request.