On the Agenda - sort order

I am trying hard to love this app…
The “On the Agenda" view displays notes by project without any other options.

To me, an agenda is most useful when managing my day, and I would really like the option to see my agenda notes sorted by date/time independently of what project they are assigned to.

A work-around of dumping all my notes into a single project so I can manage my daily note taking seems counter-intuitive and adds a workflow step to move each note to the proper project once I am done with it.

This is indeed an often requested possibility that we hope to add support for in a future update. It’s not as straight forward as one might think, for instance, where would undated notes that you put on the agenda go, but we’ll do our best to make it work.

For your consideration, and this is also based on how other note taking apps seem to behave…

The creation date/time of a note never changes. Updates may happen, but it does not change the creation date. If the timestamp of an update is critical, there is nothing stopping a user from creating a new note.

Alternatively, an update timestamp could be an additional attribute of a note and the user could be provided the option of sorting on Create Date or Update Date.

I appreciate the quick response.

Within the Agenda the creation and update dates are not a visible property, we only consider notes dated if they have an explicitly assigned date or linked event. But as said, we’ll find something that works.