“On the Agenda” not highlighting

What I did:

I have a note selected, and the category to which it belongs is highlighted in the sidebar.

I use Cmd-1 to move to On the Agenda

What happened:

Notes that are OTA are displayed, but the original category remains highlighted.

What I expected:

OTA to be highlighted (as it is when I click OTA to show all OTA notes)

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Agenda 14.1.1
MacOS 12.4

Thanks for pointing this out, we’ll see if this can be reproduced

Just come back to Agenda, and discovered that now OTA is highlighted in the sidebar, but the actual notes in the centre column are just from one of my projects (I can see this by clicking on the project name at the top to show the project list).

Very weird, it sounds like the two are out-of-sync. Is this on Mac or iOS? Also, does a (forced) restart of the app fix things, and can you get it back into this out-of-sync state from there? If so, what are the steps you take and could you email me a screenrecording to alex@agenda.com? Thanks!

Restarting the app didn’t fix it. But Forced Restart did!