Omni quick jumper with shortcut to navigate project/note/etc needed

Just like what Alfred / LaunchBar does for macOS.


Good idea. Thanks for the feedback!

Note there is the jump bar when you click the project title at the top. Not the same, but maybe goes some of the way.


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Could the support for typing into the jump bar be improved? Right now, only the first letter you type counts, and it only opens the current or next project that starts with that letter.

E.g., if you have “Digital” and then “David” further down, when you type D you’ll only get Digital. I can’t reach anything that starts with T because typing T immediately opens Today at the top of the list.

I’d love to be able to type and see the jump list filter down based on my input, and then be able to hit enter on the top result or click one of the results.

Indeed, keyboard navigation in that menu could be improved, we’ll do our best to bring something like that.