Older notes are crashing

What I did: starting make a more oraganized system, by moving note to more similar grouping

What happened:
Some of my older notes will crash the app when i am trying to open them on my ipad or iphone. mac seems to be working ok.
What I expected: I expected to be able to open and use older notes without a total crash

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
latest verison of agenda is on all three devices with a new premium subscription, iphone XR and ipadpro on latest IOS.

Ouch, that should certainly not happen. Are you using version 6 on all your devices? Also, did you submit the crash reports to us? Could you also email us any crash logs still on your device? You can check by going into Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data when you tap a crash report prefixed with Agenda can you tap the export icon in the top right corner and email it to me at alex@agenda.com?

Yes I am running the latest on all devices and I have submitted crash reports. Also on the iPad I deleted agenda and reinstalled which did not help. Yes I can send the latest crash report in a separate email. Thanks for your assistance with this.


Thank you!

I’ve found the cause and it should be fixed in the next update, thanks for your help!