Offloading Projects and Notes to Save Local iPhone/iPad Storage

I have been using Agenda for the last couple of years for meeting and class notes. My “library” of Agenda notes has gotten really big lately, like a few GB in size, and it’s taking up a good chunk of my iPad’s local storage. I take a lot of screenshots and write handwritten notes with my Apple Pencil.

Is there an “archiving” function in Agenda where archived projects can be offloaded to iCloud and not stored on the local device? If not, what is the recommended procedure to archive projects and notes? I thought about exporting older projects as Agenda files on my iMac and saving them somewhere else. However, I wanted to make sure this is the best way to do it before proceeding. Thank you!

This is a bit tricky. We would like to have ways to compact the data, but haven’t gotten to it yet.

Once thing that can help is to export a project as Agenda File, import it again, and then — if the import worked fine — delete the original project and empty the trash.

That should help, but ultimately I think we will need to add some compaction ourselves.

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