Office 365 sync problem

What I did:
I added a new appointment to my Office 365 calendar

What happened:
The new appointment only showed up in Agenda after I restarted the app on my mac.

What I expected:
The new appointment to show up in the calendar column after a few seconds.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Mac OS 12.4
Agenda: 14.1.1 (231)

Did it show up in the Apple Calendar app?

Agenda integrates with the system calendar store, which is what the Calendar app uses. In essence, Agenda can see what the Calendar app sees. If the event is not showing up, check the Calendar app to see if it is there. If not, something is probably going wrong between the Office > Calendar App integration. Restarting the app is probably the easiest solution.

Kind regards,

Hi Drew,

Thank you for your feedback. I add an appointment via Outlook for Mac and I see it in Mac calendar almost instantly, but not in Agenda. Is there anything else I can do apart from restarting Agenda?

Kind regards