OCR - scans reading

I use Evernote but totally feel the gap that there is no connction between my note taking app and calendar and reminders (also location based)

Hence I suggest you also add OCR as i can’t imagine scanning my stuff to a note taking app that would allow me to search through the scans :slight_smile: it’s a nightmare to live with all the papers around…

seems like you might have a great chance to merge:

  • Evernote (document scanning + OCR, notes after meetings
  • Apple Reminders (for location based reminders)
  • Things 3 (for awesome task organisation)
  • Google Calendar
  • share projects (with Trello approach - one account, multiple teams/boards with different emails associated - hassle free)

I keep fingers crossed as it’s A LOT of work :slight_smile:


OCR is also included in my workflow. 1 vote for this. :smile:


Not a super easy thing to add but we’ll see what can be done if enough people find it useful.

  • 1 for Evernote and Things 3

Yes – a +1 here for scanning (and OCR, why not!) functionality.

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I’ve only just started using Agenda but I’m already so excited, I feel like all my needs are finally going to be met in one place.

I’ve tried and quit all the Apps mentioned by the OP because on their own they just don’t cut it.

I have changed my tune on scanning/OCR; I used the Notes scanning feature, and as I’ve transitioned to Agenda I have had to replace certain features (locked notes, scanning) with dedicated tools like 1Password and Scanbot. And I find this better in some ways than having a catch-all notes app.


I would be fan of OCR support on an image in Agenda.
For instance like OneNote, just right-clic on an image, select “copy text from picture” menu and paste the text in your note.
Thanks, Pascal.


Big fan here too!I used OCR in Evernote before for another reason, though. I take a lot of handwritten notes, sketches and drawings. I used to scan my notes and sketches using Scannable and sent them in Evernote. Then, since the OCR would detect most of my handwriting, my handwritten notes would appear in searches. And that was really powerful for me, because I could go back in projects and ‘‘find’’ relevant informations in handwritten stuff. I didn’t have to recopy stuff from my notebook to Evernote.
Today as an Agenda user, I still scan my notes and sketches into Agenda, but that workflow isn’t as relevant as it was in Evernote since handwritten notes are not searchable.

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Can’t OCR just be done in one of many other apps and then import or link or ?

Things doesn’t offer any team abilities last I looked. Had that changed? I’m not interested if I can’t share/collaborate. No man is an island. :wink:

Hi there. I definitly miss OCR. I think this is the next (and right) step for Agenda. Things would also be a Nice 2 have. Greets.