Numbered lists miss off first item when copied and pasted

What I did:
Collated a numbered list of my cricket team
Copied, and pasted into an email (or any other doc)

What happened:

The first person on the list doesn’t get a number and the numbers start (at 1.) with the person who is 2. on the Agenda list

What I expected:

Everything to be formatted the same

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

This stems from the fact that actually, I cannot 'select all’ when copying the agenda note. It won’t allow me to select the number 1. of the first item

Hope you can fix it. It is very annoying and stops me using Agenda for this purpose!

With thanks in anticipation


Thanks for reporting it. Indeed, it is about the selection.

For now, I guess a workaround would be to put an extra newline in front of the list, so you can select the whole list.

Sorry for the trouble.

Kind regards,

Thanks for replying & hoping for a fix in due course.
Just to mention, as a postscript, that it would be great if any copied lists would keep their formatting when pasted into other programs.

At the moment, when I paste the cricket team, it does keep the numbering (though wrong at the moment owing to original problem I flagged up), but if I add another line in the host program, no new number occurs.

Clearly you can’t be responsible for the way other programs work, but I just wondered whether there was a universal list language/method of formatting which would enable other recipient programs to understand your list instructions, or whether each programmer invents the wheel anew for their particular program.

Thanks again for taking the time. Great program!


Final comment (I only want blood!), it would be helpful for me if I could have both numbers and check-box per line (ie numbered list of players, and whether they have confirmed).

Thanks again!


Unfortunately, there isn’t really a universal list format between apps. Certainly when you paste one of our lists into another app, there is no way Agenda can force the other app to treat it as a list.

We’ll consider numbers and checkboxes, but it sounds a bit like a corner case. You may be best just to put in the numbers yourself, or paste in emojis to represent the checkboxes. Not ideal, but would at least give the right visual look.

I understand both your replies. Just thought I’d mention my nice-to-haves while I was on the subject.
Great work.
Onwards and upwards!