Numbered lists, consecutive numbering

What I did:
Nested numbered lists
What happened:
First level numbering restarted from 1
What I expected:
Continuation of numbering based on nesting level


By introducing the “Purpose” and “Circumstances” body text items you’re breaking the list, which resets the count. Could you try making those either numbered or bullet list entries?

That works as expected. Somehow I thought that other ‘word processors’ kept the numbering intact in that case, but a quick test in Pages gives the same result.


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To write a list numbering with code for each number (step by step), list numbering cannot be used. But it is needed. Let me know if this scenario implemented, then I subscribe.

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Hello, is there a chance scenario mentioned here will be implemented?

You should now be able to restart the list or change the number by starting a new line with the number you like, for example 5. fifth item or in an existing list using the action \numbered(start: 5)

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