Numbered Checklists



The ability to cumulate both the checklist and numbered modes would seriously improve my life :slight_smile:

I need it a lot for processing feedback from my clients: we use numbers to unambiguously identify items, and each element is a task for me to fulfill. I couldn’t find another practical solution.

Otherwise, Agenda is pretty amazing, please keep up the good work!


Do you mean somehow have a number, plus a checkbox on a line?

The main problem I would see is that the numbers would change when you insert/delete items. I think you would be better to simply enter the number on the line, as text or a tag. If you have the tasks in some other system, you could even copy a link in, so you can jump straight back. I do that all the time — copy in a link to relevant info.



Indeed, that’s what I mean.

You’re right about the numbering changing with new items, but it is not something I mind — since I don’t add other items in these (sub)lists.

Links do work, but I’m not a fan of that workflow (or similar ones) because it’s slightly less efficient with all the jumping around (and additional work to create the links) — especially for big lists of relatively small items. In particular, I usually create the lists by copy-pasting them from an email (with a “1.” format that Agenda immediately recognizes), which is extremely efficient (just paste and it’s done).

Numbering by hand in a checklist is probably the best, indeed. There’s just a minor annoyance when creating the list (from a copy-paste): since the format is understood by Agenda, it removes the numbers when I turn it into a checklist, and I need to re-enter them by hand (not a big deal, but it can take a little bit). And I also really like the cute tiny font in numbering mode :see_no_evil:

In any case, I agree this is pretty specific, and probably not worth implementing — too narrow use case, which isn’t enough to justify the more complex behavior. So please disregard this topic :upside_down_face:


Another option to think about is using text formatting in place of the checkbox…a good example might be strikethrough. You can use a keybaord shortcut (shift+cmd+X), add double ~~ to the front and back for markdown, or on MacBooks with touchbars you can have strikethrough as a readily available button