Number of projects and number of notes in a project

Hey devs, I was wondering if there is a practical limit to the number of projects or notes in a project. I’m playing with my workflow and breaking things up to be a lot more atomic. I’m wondering if this has the potential to bite me later. I know there was discussion about keeping note size reasonable, but I’ve never had any issues with that.

Apologies if this question was answered elsewhere, I couldn’t find it.

Keep up the great work!

There are no absolute limits. It’s more about what the devices you have can handle. There is always a practical limit, of course, which comes from the speed of processors, size of hard disks, size of cloud space, etc.

Just as a rule of thumb, I think it is better to have less than 100 notes in a project. I think up to 100 projects is also pretty normal. It may go way beyond that, but this gives you ball park figures to work with.


Does this 100 include archived projects? Or are they not included in search therefore not affecting system performance much?

Search isn’t really the problem. We have some efficient means to get search results, so the amount of data should not matter much there.

It’s more what can comfortably be shown in a list on screen, stored on disk, and synced. If you are syncing, the archived projects do need to be downloaded to any new device. So that is probably the limit you would hit first.

Note that it is not a hard limit. You would just notice that sync is taking a long time for a new device. So it is more a usability limit than something that will physically stop you using the app.

And, as I said, they are rough guidelines. It may be you can go way beyond what I said. A lot will depend on what is in your notes, how big they are, if they have attachments etc.