Number of files in Dropbox

Hi, I have about 143 notes and a total of 5 graphics in my Agenda. I sync to Dropbox and use three devices. When I look at the total number of files in my Dropbox Agenda folder there are 4912 files and 52 folders.

All three iPad devices run iPadOS 15.1 and I am using the latest version of Agenda.

Does 4912 files and 52 folders sound right? It seems like a huge number of files to me.


That can definitely be a correct number, the number of files doesn’t related to the number of projects or notes, it relates to the number and type of edits you make.

Okay, thanks for the reply.

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Is there any way I can reduce the number of files? For example, I sync to Dropbox, so could I turn off sync, rename the Dropbox folder to something else, then turn on sync again?

Yes, you could try resetting the sync. The way I would do it is this:

  1. Turn off the sync in Agenda on each device. It will ask if you want to remove the cloud data. Do that. Remove it.
  2. Once sync is turned off everywhere, go into Dropbox and make sure it has removed the Agenda files. If not, remove them manually to the Trash, and wait 10 minutes for everything to sync up at Dropbox
  3. Start the sync again on one device. Let it sync for 10 minutes, to upload the data
  4. Start on another device, and repeat for all one at a time.

Hope that helps!
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Thanks for that Drew. Worked perfectly. I have gone from 5502 files and 55 folders to 197 files and 55 folders.

Ah, great. Sounds good.