Notes with reminders are edited automatically on startup

What I did:
I created several notes. Some of them have reminders either in the text or in checklist items.

What happened:
Upon startup of the application the list of recently edited notes is updated and changed even if no note has been edited. The result is a seemingly random order of notes having the notes with reminders at the top. The order changes every time I start the application. (I didn’t change any reminder in the meantime.)

The order changes again when I click on the loupe at the top right.

I exported the notes I didn’t edit in the Agenda format and took a look in Data.json. In fact the field »editedDate« contains a timestamp of the startup – so I suspect some automation touches the notes but doesn’t change the contents of it.

What I expected:
The list of recently edited notes displays the list of notes that I have edited recently.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda version 19.0 (302) on Mac Sonoma 14.5. The behaviour can be seen in the iOS app as well.

Thanks for reporting, we’ll take a look if we can find the cause

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Steps to reproduce the behaviour on my system:

  • Create two notes with random content and add a reminder to both notes.
  • Edit other notes after that.
  • Restart the application and examine the list of recently edited notes.

It would be nice to know if you can reproduce this behaviour or if there is a problem with my installation.

Thanks for looking into this!

Yes, I can confirm this. Old notes with reminders destroy the order of recently changed notes.

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Thanks, we’ll check what’s going on