Notes with pencil

How can I take or write notes with Apple Pencil?

Hello, see the menu of “+”, the last one option.

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Thank you will try that.

Hi, I am referring to actually writing notes, is that possible. I use good notes on iPad Pro. I have the latest update of iOS. I am also running the latest eight point whatever it is on agenda. I went to the option button on the lower left-hand side and all it had were just two options to create a category and a project. I don’t see an option to write notes with my Apple Pencil. Any ideas? Thank you Alberto.

Please see this pic. With this option you will write with your Apple Pencil.


Got it. Hadn’t realized that it was on the keyboard. Thank you very much for your help!

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You are welcome.

Not sure if this is the right place for it.
I was using this specific function to take handwritten notes in a meeting; two pages worth.
I then closed the iPad cover; went back into Agenda 10 mins later only to realise none of those notes had been saved.

It would be good to get autosave In the background plus somehow triggered just when the iPad is going to sleep.