Notes with No Projects

What I did: Tried to create a note with no project

What happened: I could not create a note with no project

What I expected: To be able to create a note with no project, connected to the date.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): 9.2.1, OF 15.3, MacBook Pro 16

We don’t allow creating “free” notes, this is on purpose, at the moment all notes need to belong to a project. A workaround is to create a so-called “Scratchpad” or “Miscellaneous” project.

i’d be interested to know what’s the reasoning behind this decision

Partially for technical reasons because notes have to belong to a project in order to be stored on disk below the hood, but mainly because you need to be able to display these notes in some entry in the sourcelist or you would risk that they become inaccessible. This means adding an “Unsorted”, or “All Notes”, etc overview, which a) we don’t like very much, and b) you can easily do yourself by just creating an “Unsorted” or “Free Notes” projects, bringing you back to my suggested workaround.

How many projects before the tool becomes unwieldy, @mekentosj? I like the tool, but I worry about what it is going to look like in the future, when I have hundreds of projects? How many projects can you archive before the sheer number is too great to be useful?

There’s no real number to say, it depends very much on how you hierarchical structure your projects as well in categories and subcategories, and whether you archive the projects you no longer need.