Notes should default to “now”

It is very, very rare that I don’t want to have a date associated with a note.

Sometimes I want to change a notes date, but most of the time, I just want the date of the note to be “now,” because I am entering the note “live,” so to speak.

Actual behavior:
Notes do not have an associated date. This makes it hard to find notes that I put into Agenda yesterday, for instance, because sometimes I forget to attach a date to the note. Then when I click on Yesterday, or Today, I see “No notes” — when in fact I know there are many.

Expected behavior:
Notes should have a default date of the time they are created.

Sounds like what you are looking for was the preferences we added in the 2.0 to Assign New Notes to Today:


There’s also the Note > Assign to Today menu item, which has a shortcut.


Excellent! :smiley: