Notes referenced by hyperlinks in documents

I work with quite long documents and to keep them manageable I reference details with links to notes e.g. Evernote, Simplenote, etc.

I can’t use Agenda for this even though it would be so suitable in many ways. The agenda link generated in x-callback-URL form is not recognised as a link by MS Word or Google Docs

I can use x-callback-URL links to link to a note e.g. in Things and some other apps, but it doesn’t work to reference a note in Google Docs or Word or iaWriter

I’m a little confused. So you want to add a link in another app that opens up Agenda and shows a note. Is that correct?

I would assume you could do that in Word and Google Docs, but be aware that such a link will only work on devices with Agenda installed. Agenda is not a web app, so there is no web page you can be taken to.

Most apps should support links of any type, and open Agenda if you click them.

If you are still having trouble, perhaps you could pick a particular app, and let us know what you are trying to do and what is not working how you would like.

Hi Drew,

Agenda Links (which are in the form of x-callback-URL links) do not show up as links in Google Docs or MS Word or some other ‘writer’ apps.

I did manage to get an Agenda link to work in Pages, but it didn’t open the note, so that wasn’t as frictionless as I expected.

Google Docs and MS Word are the ones used by tens of millions and, like it or not, I have to use them quite a bit as well.

I guess in due course you will develop a web app version of Agenda, in which case it should be easier to create links that are quick to open.


Yeah, we have no control over those apps. They probably only recognize a link that begins with “http”. But you can make links in any of those apps, probably using a menu item like Add Link. In there, you give the link a title, and you give it a URL. If you type in the x-callback as the URL, it should work. With some of the apps, you may need to use a tap-and-hold or something like that to open the link, rather than edit the text.