Notes overlap on ipad

The text of two notes overlap on my iPad:

Same screen with the lower note selected:

Second time I’ve seen this. Restarting Agenda seems to fix it.

Hmm, this could be related to the formatting bar issue. Is there any specific action that triggers this?

As far as I remember, I was not doing anything unusual, and using the app for mundane things, ie moving around and typing text. I’ll try to find out if there is a specific set of actions that trigger this.

on my iPad it happen when switching from multitasking to single window. In this case I have to close agenda and reopen it.

Another weird thing happening on my iPad : a bit of the title shows an extraneous selection

Each screenshot shows the cursor and an extra text selection that could not be cancelled. Happened a few times in a row then disappeared

Any chance you’re using iOS15?

Nope :blush: iPadOS 14.6

Hmm, very weird, let me know if you find a way how to reproduce this and what the preceding steps were.

Something similar just happened to me on iPhone. I had split the end of a long note in its own note. The new note appeared below the old one, but the end of the old note masked the top of the new note. The end of the old note was all blank where the split part of the note was before.

I have a video that I can send you (content is private)

Hi Vincent,

It would be great if you could email the video to