Notes navigation with cursor keys



I feel that notes navigation should be per note, meaning that when scrolling up or down through a bunch of notes using the cursor keys, the behavior I expect is to jump from note to note, instead going with the text cursor through the whole body of the note and jump to the next note only when you reach the top or the bottom of the current note.

As an example, the task manager I use is heavily oriented towards key shortcuts so I can use Return or Command + Return to edit a task -> Command + Return again to save changes or Esc to discard them.



We decided on purposely to make a project feel more like a single document instead of a series of very clearly separated notes, the navigation follows that model. We’ll think how we can further improve navigation and editing using the keyboard.


Can you say a bit more about how you see this working - or how it works for you? I’m puzzled, because I can see the attraction, but without being able to arrange the notes into a particular, logical order, I don’t really get this.


but without being able to arrange the notes into a particular, logical order, I don’t really get this.

I’m not following, you can drag and drop notes to be in the order you want, as long as they stay consistent with respect to any assigned dates to a note. For example, notes without a date can be dragged and ordered to any place in the document. Notes that have a date assigned can be reordered as long as they don’t break the order of the overall document, e.g. if you have them sorted as “most recent notes first” you can’t drag yesterday’s note before today’s.


That’s exactly my issue! It may be important to keep the date of creation associated with the note, but still want to arrange them in a project by some other criteria.


We don’t currently expose the creation date but it is something we keep track of, we might expose it as a sort option down the road.


My mistake, I meant date associated with the note, not creation date.


I don’t think we’ll support this, it would be confusing if the notes violate the date sort order. In that case you probably want to leave the associated date unassigned and instead record the date in a different way (e.g. in the note title or as a tag)


Fair enough, but it seems inconsistent with what you said earlier about a project being like a long document!


I don’t think one has to do with the other tbh, but nevertheless, if we would allow “violating” sort order we believe it would certainly for new users be extremely confusing.


Not making an issue of it, but why should a choice of ways to sort notes be confusing? We’re all used to list eg in finder, where you can choose different attributes to sort by.


Sure, if we would add a specific “Manual” sort options then it can work, that isn’t there today and therefore we have to make sure we stay consistent with the sort options that are available today, which both require a consistent order of dates.



Do you effectively plan to introduce keyboard navigation between notes by using arrow keys AND a keyboard shortcut to go from view mode to edit mode and vice versa (like Enter to go to edit mode and Esc to go back to view mode) ?
I’m on iOS / iPad.

Thanks !


We indeed have plans to further improve keyboard navigation, thanks for the feedback


Thanks, can’t wait. FYI : Toggle edit on CMD-Return