Notes listing and notes as cards

I woul love to have a couple of options to view all notes in a category/project

#1: A simple listing with notes title, creation date, last edit date, etc with ability to sort on each of the categories. -this woudl help me to much more quickly navigate to the note i am looking for. Compare with the interface of MS Outlook in email view - a really cool bonus feature would be to have a preview where editing can happen when note is selected)

#2: a card view with title, create date and the first rows of the note displayed (compare with card view in Evernote)

for both views the ability to select 1, 2 or multiple projects or all projects to get the full visibility

thanks for a fantastic product, its growing on me :-), dont hesitate to reach out to me if you want further details or disussion about how this could work

We have plans along these lines for an upcoming project. Stay tuned for that!

In case you missed it, you can tap the project title at the top of the notes to get a list of notes in the current project.

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Thanks, yes knew about the list - smart for quick navigation