Notes against today’s calendar event doesnt show up in “Today” view

I have taken notes against a meeting in my calendar today but those notes do not show up in my Today view.

Is this the desired behavior?

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We are indeed aware of a bug where some notes that have been linked to a calendar event with a timezone different from the computer you are on, will not show properly in the today overview. We hope to fix this in an update soon.

Is the issue sporadic or is it expected to occur on any note linked to any event from a different time zone? I have two events for today, both of which were scheduled in other time zones, but one is showing up in Today and the other isn’t.


It has to do with the offset between the timezone of the event and the one set for your computer. It can well be that at some point you’ll see the other one in Today and the one that was there go out depending on the overlap.

Gotcha. I actually realized the second event I had was not scheduled with a different time zone which explains why it was working. Anyway, I removed the timezone from this one meeting and changed the time to my local time as a workaround. I’m hoping that will fix it going forward.

Thanks for the response!

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this has not yet been fixed, correct? i am experiencing this behaviour at the moment. As someone who moves between time zones often this bug renders the Today view useless. How will i know what is happening! :wink: thanks, Wm

This should have been fixed in version 9.2.1 yes.

ah super. indeed, I can confirm. I have now just upgraded to 9.2.1 and the Today view is functioning as expected. Thanks a bunch!

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