Notes act as tasks

It would be great if you could mark a note as complete as if it is being assigned to a date and/or placed on the agenda then it would be great to be able to also mark this as completed also.

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I think we tend to think as unchecking the “on the agenda” button a bit like “complete”. Are you saying you would want more states there?

Hello Drew,

From my point of view it is not the same.

On agenda = planned
The completed check means that it could be archived.
It would be good to have the status completed and also the possibility that the completed notes were archived and disappear from the agenda.
But they are 2 different states, because it can be on Agenda and not be completed.

I hope you have explained me well.

Thanks for your work.

PD: Do not you ever rest? :slight_smile:


I think this is a good idea, but I would structure it differntly. What I would like to see is having all tasks in a note show up on a separate list, under the same note heading. It would allow me to mark items that were tasks “inline” and then click on a separate link to see all tasks from all notes in one place. Notes could be marked as done in either location.

One simple way to mark a note as “done” is to collapse it (double click the header or collapse it using the Note menu). Another one is to move them to the end of the project (hold the alt key while selecting Note > Move to > After Last Note.

We also plan to add archiving of entire projects down the road.

Thanks for the speedy reply,

I imagine clicking on a tab like On the Agenda, but called “Tasks” or something. It would bring up a page layout just like the notes in Agenda, but only showing task items from inside the note, lines that I had labelled with a checkbox when I was taking notes. There would still be the same note headings, collapsible, but only tasks would be displayed.

I’m happy to try out what’s there now, just passing along an idea that would allow me to separate out tasks while I was taking notes, and then access them in a way that would be very functional.

Yes, what is describe is like a summarized view of notes. We have plans for that. A bit tricky to do, but we do want to do it.


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I’d second the request here. A single place to see all the open tasks that I have. So, if across 10 different projects I have notes with -[] tasks in them, I can see all of those tasks, with some context about which note they come from, in a single “todo” list.

I’m curious to see how the reminders integration works and if it’ll let me do this.

I’ve through about creating a new project called Tasks and just put all my tasks in there, but then they lose the context about which project and note they came from.

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