Noteplan features I wish Agenda had

I’ve been trying noteplan recently. My sister has a setapp family account, so I decided to try it (it is quite expensive).
I prefer agenda overall and its note-card-like. However, some features from noteplan are so good that I wish we had them in Agenda:

  1. Time-blocks: In noteplan, when you write a checklist with a specified time on a daily note, it gets automatically added to noteplan’s calendar at that day. They are adding a feature that allows you to convert these time-blocks in events visible in your calendar. What is good about it is the flow of things. You can write so fast and everything is smooth. In agenda you can’t create events in bullets, just notes. For reminders, you need to do it in a not so inviting way.
    You can also simply grab these to the calendar, what Agenda is currently missing.
  2. Fast daily, weekly, monthly and yearly notes: Noteplan has a separated tab for these categories. This makes it super fast. When you open the app, it already prompts you to a daily note. These could be optional in Agenda.
  3. A pleasant visual calendar: I honestly prefer the daily apple calendar view for your events (I actually use fantastical, so I can see my tasks). The bars that are shown makes it easy to have a visual orientation of how’s your day going to be. Someone mentioned this before, I thought it wasn’t a priority, but after trying noteplan’s implementation of it, I think it is a good idea.
  4. Tag searching for bullets: Noteplan allows you to search (generally) for specified bullets instead of whole notes. This is probably being worked on, but worth mentioning.

I completely understand some limitations for the team. Agenda is cheaper, your team is probably smaller, what makes it hard to implement so many things. The fact you created such a beautiful app by yourselves is truly impressive. I’ll keep using and supporting agenda and hope it grows a lot!


Thanks for the feedback, as you mention already, most of these are indeed on our wish list too…