Note updates are lost upon upgrading to version 9

What I did:
On Monday 5pm, I updated one note in Agenda Mac, from Version1 (done last week) to Version2. Left Agenda open on Version 2 and put my laptop to Sleep and left work.
On Tuesday morning, I opened my Mac and got the update Agenda popup. I updated Agenda to latest version 9.

What happened:
On Thursday, I opened my Agenda and found that the note is now reverted back to Version1. I checked my iPhone Agenda, it was on Version 1 still but that’s maybe because I haven’t opened Agenda iPhone after I updated my note to Version 2. I checked my iPad Agenda, I found it the note correctly on Version 2.

What I expected:
That I see my note on Version 2 I did Monday.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): This happened between update from earlier version to latest 9. It was on MacOs Mojave and iOS 13.1

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So, you do see the note correct on one device, but not on the other devices? Sounds like a sync issue indeed. If you quit the app and launch again, and wait for 5 minutes on, does it sync up?