Note titles in ‘On the Agenda’

I’m really liking the new password settings in Agenda 18, especially the ability to lock complete projects. This finally means I feel comfortable moving a lot more of my confidential files into Agenda.

I am often working on several of these files more or less at the same time, and I usually keep all my current work ‘On the Agenda’ so that everything important is in one place.

What I can’t do though, is get any idea about the content of notes protected by padlocks when I look at my ‘On the Agenda’ view, they are all described as ‘Note in Locked Project’. I know, before I get comments about this, I know that is part of the point with a locked Project or Note…but what I was thinking was how about seeing just the title of the note in the ‘On the Agenda’ view, at least as an option?

Obviously if the title was too descriptive like ‘Bank Account Passwords’ or ‘Medical Records - Confidential’ then that might best be left with the ‘Note in Locked Project’ option, but I have many meeting notes for example that I wish to keep hidden but their titles do not need to be. It would greatly help to be able to find such notes in ‘On the Agenda’ without compromising their confidentiality, at least for me.

Does anyone agree with this, or am I completely wrong? Could be :man_shrugging:t2:



We went through this case a lot. It’s really tricky.

With a single note, it is clear you are locking it, and can see the title, so you will choose a non-conspicuous name.

For a project, that is different, because there could be very many notes, and there is a good chance you would accidentally expose an enclosed note by its title.

We think we have chosen the best solution for now. Perhaps we can consider other options in future.

What I would suggest is to put those notes which you really need to work with even when they are locked, in a separate project that is not locked, and just lock them individually. And then put all the other notes, which aren’t used as much, in the locked project. A bit like archiving. For now, that is probably the best you can do, short of unlocking gate project to see the titles.

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Hi Drew, thanks for your reply

I have had a good think about the points you make, and created a ‘Temporary Unlock’ project to move ‘On the Agenda’ notes into, and then locked them individually so that just their titles are revealed.

This now works perfectly, as I can identify the notes by their titles, and although they are grouped in this new project they retain the colour identifiers of their parent lockable projects - so this is another win for the improved colour handling we can now enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

Better still, when I have finished working on a note I can send it back into it’s parent project even when the project is locked so this new workflow will actually save a heap of time, and give my ‘On the Agenda’ view a new clarity :+1:t2:

Looking back over the past few weeks Agenda now has a totally different appearance for me, primarily due to the increased use of colour, and I am learning a lot on the way as the app becomes ever more useful!

All the best

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Great to hear you found a workable solution. Sounds like a good approach, indeed.