Note title font style bold possible

Hi all

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your tireless efforts in developing the app. Now that I’ve been using Agenda regularly for a while, I’ve bought the full premium package, it’s really cool.
My question now is it possible to change the title of the notes app to a different font and make it bold? Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything about this here in the community or perhaps I’ve overlooked it :grinning:
I also notice that the selected font style is only changed in the note. It would be even more perfect if it would happen across the whole app.

Thanks in advance for your support

Thanks for your kind words and support @mateau!

We on purposely don’t allow formatting, links and tags in the title at the moment. Given Agenda has very little “boxing/framing” UI and uses the title to visually separate notes from each other in a consistent way.

Perhaps in the future we would allow theming to make all titles appear differently, but it’s less likely we’ll allow formatting.

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Thanks for the response @mekentosj and explanation and yeah my pleasure to use Agenda :wink: