Note title can't be edited on iPadOS w/Magic Keyboard

What I did: Created a new note within an existing project

What happened: When I start putting in the title on my Magic Keyboard, the spacebar doesn’t work, which makes ist impossible to enter more than one word as a title.
Using arrow keys or tapping on the title doesn’t help.
Editing note content works jus fine.

What I expected: To be able to enter more than one word as a title.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda Version 19 (302)
iPad Air
iPadOS 17.5.1
Apple Magic Keyboard

This sounds like a glitch. Does restarting Agenda or your iPad fix this issue?

To restart Agenda, bring up the screen with all the running apps, and swipe Agenda off the top of the screen, then launch it again.

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Hi Drew,
thx for your swift reply. Both restarting Agenda and my iPad do not fix this issue.

The issue is quite recent, I’m experiencing it in the last 2 weeks, and only if I create a new note. If I’m creating a note out of an entry in my Outlook calendar (which I most often do) there is no need to edit the title.

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There is no chance this is related to the keyboard, right? It is working fine in all other apps?

It’s very odd. I don’t think we changed anything much related to the title area, or text entry.

Could there be some other app intercepting the keystrokes? Eg. Do you use grammarly or some other extension?

I will try to switch keyboards, but it is working fine in all other apps.

I don’t use grammarly or any other typing related app.

Thank goodness, I thought it was just me. I’ve tried everything but can’t get this fixed.

Today I tested the Magic Keyboard of a coworker. The issue remains unchanged.

It seems to work fine on my M4 iPad Pro & Magic Keyboard. I’m running on iPadOS 18 Beta 3, though.
One thing that you might check, @nherbert , is the hardware keyboard settings (Settings→General→Keyboard→Hardware Keyboard. Make sure the correct Language and Region/key mapping is correct for you.

Thank you @jimscard , I checked Language Settings for the keyboard, they are correct.
iPadOS 17.5.1 doesn’t seem to have an additional Language and Region/key mapping.

I can edit note titles fine on my iPad and external keyboard (not a Magic Keyboard). Are you able to edit normally using the onscreen keyboard of the iPad?

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Yes, that works!
Thank you for taking me ouside my thinking box :wink:

Still, Agenda should work with the keyboard of the platform provider it’s designed for.

Very odd that these keyboards behave differently, we’ll try to find out why but without access to such keyboards it might not be easy.