Note templates

Ability to set templates for repeate usage: at the moment for a weekly standup i have to copy and paste last weeks template

Yes, that is a good workaround for now.

We would like to add templates at some point.

I agree that this would be a great feature. One way I would use it: I have a project set up to track orders for a book our organization sells. In each note I want to include the following check list:

  • ship order
  • submit invoice
  • payment received

It’s not hard to create that myself, of course, but it would be a lot easier if I could set it up so that each new note included that check list.

In lieu of templates I have started using textexpander snippets. These are working well. For example if I type ‘agmeet’ in Agenda (or indeed anywhere else) that text gets transformed into what I have added to TextExpander as my default meeting content - which includes different section headings, default people and moves the cursor to where I want to start typing.

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Yeah, textexpander is a great companion for this.

Another way is simply to create a few template notes, and copy the content when needed. Not as nice as the textexpander approach though.

Was about to post a request for this. :slight_smile:

But while the TextExpander idea is smart and one I’ll look to implementing I’d still llove if you could set a note template, a default one, in preferences. Then have the option to select a different one either by right-clicking or via a dropdown menu.

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