Note sometimes disappears

What I did: picked a project

What happened: the top-most note vanished

What I expected: to see the note

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
iOS 12.4

This image shows what happened after I tried to add a new note, but the empty spot was there before

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That’s odd, do you happen to have either a lot or one or more very long notes in that project? Or does it happen in any project?

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Seems to happen in any project. At first I thought it was because I attempted to turn the phone to landscape mode… but then it happened again in portrait.

Really puzzled by it, since I can’t seem to find the steps that create the problem.

The note does return if I navigate to a different project and then come back.

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I think I may have discovered a way to replicate.

In a project with more than 4 notes, try creating a new one and then turning the phone to landscape. The newest note (the one you’ve just created) vanishes.

Hmm, that’s odd, thanks, we’ll try to reproduce.

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I frequently find that a newly-created note seems to be missing, because it’s created at the top of the list, and Agenda doesn’t scroll to it. So, I have to scroll to the top to reveal the note.

I have seen this, too. But this behaviour is different.

Indeed a different issue. Does it make a difference how you create the new note and is this on mac or iOS or both?

I think I’ve seen it on both. I’m not exactly sure what the conditions are. I think it’s when I create a note with a date that puts it above the notes I’m currently looking at. I’ll pay more attention the next time it happens and report here.

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