Note not scrolling when I type at bottom of screen

What I did:
Writing a note longer than the screen. Entirely dashed list paragraphs.

What happened:
The line I am typing is always right at the bottom of the screen.

Often, but not always, when I hit return, the line does not move up and the cursor is out of sight. Only when I type another character does the screen scroll and the line I am typing become visible.

If I move the screen up manually I see that the dash has been entered. It seems like the screen scolling system isn’t recognising the dash.

What I expected:

Screen to scroll so that active line is always visible

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
A9.3.2 MacOS 10.15.4

I have seen thing once or twice. Other times it seems to work. We will see if there is a simple explanation.

Kind regards,

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