Note not scrolling when I type at bottom of screen

What I did:
Writing a note longer than the screen. Entirely dashed list paragraphs.

What happened:
The line I am typing is always right at the bottom of the screen.

Often, but not always, when I hit return, the line does not move up and the cursor is out of sight. Only when I type another character does the screen scroll and the line I am typing become visible.

If I move the screen up manually I see that the dash has been entered. It seems like the screen scolling system isn’t recognising the dash.

What I expected:

Screen to scroll so that active line is always visible

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
A9.3.2 MacOS 10.15.4

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I have seen thing once or twice. Other times it seems to work. We will see if there is a simple explanation.

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I have similar issues with iOS. More often than not, when adding a note on the iPhone, anything more than one line does not scroll up automatically when the next line should appear. Usually, I have to be well over half way through the next line before it appears.

Have you verified whether this is still the case in the 11.2 update that is currently in beta (not sure you are using it)?

I am not sure if it is still doing it in the beta. I am using the beta.

I didn’t realize this was an error on my part @mekentosj

All seems fine in the latest beta. I apologize for the error and greatly appreciate the fix.

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Ah, glad to hear that, thanks for following up!