Note gets trashed when deleting a note that it links to

What I did:
I have a pinned note. It serves as a kind of table of contents to the other notes in the project (I use it because I want to rearrange the order without necessarily re-arranging the order of the notes). The table of contents is an order list and each item in the list is a link to one of the notes in the project. I deleted one of the notes that was linked to one of the items and the table of contents ended up in the trash. This happened repeatedly.

What I expected:
I expected just the deleted note to be trashed. Maybe the link that was there to revert to simply being text.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
All the latest versions of Agenda. This happened on the Mac running Intel/latest version of Monerey

That’s really odd, are you saying it’s repeatable? From the top of my head there’s no reason why a link should cause this behaviour, but I’ll make sure to check. How did you delete the note that caused the linked note to be moved to the trash? Could you send some screenshots to

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