Note disappeared

What I did: Created a note (Note A) and linked to it in another note (B).

What happened: Later, I clicked the link to navigate to Note A. Nothing happened. I visually searched for Note A, and used the search tool (using the words in the title). Note A has disappeared. It doesn’t not appear in the recent notes either. When I look at the link, the actual Agenda link is there.

(I couldn’t try using undo, as I’d written stuff in several notes, and have no idea when Note A was disappeaered.)

What I expected: To navigate to Note A.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Did the above on Mac 10.13.5 (17F77) with Agenda 2.2.1.

I had Agenda on iPad (current, not Beta) open at the same time.

Deleted notes bin please, Deleted notes bin please, Deleted notes bin please, Deleted notes bin please,


my note also disappeared ,saddly….

please add version control system ,so that we can find out our note.

I had spent nearly 2 hours working on this note , you app let it disappeared . terrible agenda 2.3

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Does restarting the app help, ie quit and launch? Did the note ever appear on the iPad?

Sorry to hear this. Please try restarting the app to see if the note is there.

Ok, I think I see what’s happened.

At the time I was cutting and pasting material between different notes, and somehow I must have pasted some text into the title of Note A, so Note A is no longer called Note A, but Note B. So I have two notes called Note B.

In the original Note B however, the link is still labelled Note A. When I click on it, I get taken to the new Note B. Because this is in the same folder and is very short, so both notes are visible on the same screen it appears if nothing is happened. In my panic I didn’t notice that new Note B was actually highlighted after navigating to it - that was obviousl this morning in a calmer mood.

So my mistake entirely, apologies.

But what could Agenda do differently to reduce the risk of a similar confusion?

  • It would be helpful if the text of a link to another Agenda note was automatically updated when the title of the destination note changed.
  • Perhaps if the styling of the active / in-focus note was a bit more obvious?
  • Perhaps if the notes scrolled more obviously when shifting the focus to a different note, some kind of subtle animation?

(I still think a bin would be good!)

it didn’t and will not spport backup history , restore old version of note ,and right 2.3 version angenda have break my heart , i shoudl not ues this app should not buy it .

i trust it , so write a lot notes in it , but after today udate to 2.3 version , it make me saddly , cause it will make my note disappera when i write down a long note and try to copy to Markdown stely terrible things happened , i couldn’t image that , this app will trun my note back to an old vertion . and the capy action didn’t work and then i lost my note which had complete .

I’m very sorry to hear this. Please note that version 2.3 is a beta version of Agenda, and beta versions can have bugs. You should not install betas unless you have a good backup, like Time Machine. If you have Time Machine on, you can go back in time and get the note you lost. Let me know if you need details.

We have ironed out some more bugs the last few days, including issues that could quite possibly have caused a problem for you.

We recommend all beta testers to download the latest beta which will be released today.

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Same. I started another thread with more details.

(This is happening on Agenda 2.6 as well.)