Note Creation Date

For an app that stores notes, it seems strange to me not to have the date the note was created, but instead to have a due date and to have project resorted by the date that something was modified only. I can see the value in that but, I would also like to see when the note was created.


Hope to see the detail time stamp! I would like to log all my daily activity and I think the timeline concept of Agenda fits this.

We will think about whether we can have info like creation date findable in some way.

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Seems strange indeed that this is not more visible in the UI also – maybe it’s confusing to have the concept of a due date + creation date, but having the date of the note creation clearly displayed is central to my note-taking workflow in e.g. the stock Apple Notes app.

Would be good if this could be added in some way to Agenda also.

Indeed, we focus our notes on the attached date. This is not necessarily a due date, it could be a date or range of dates for which the note was relevant. Eg. you attend a conference, and set the date range to the conference dates.

In Agenda, this attached date is much more central than the date you created the note. You may create the note way before the conference, or during. Should not matter too much which.

But having the creation date findable somewhere, probably not very in-your-face, is a good idea, and we would like to do that.


This is still a major missing feature for me. There is no way right now to see when I created a note, which seems super odd in a note taking app.

What’s the latest regarding this request?

Still on our wishlist, but no ETA yet I’m afraid.

Too bad, really. It is such a fundamental feature to be able to see the creation date with a note taking application.

I’m going to request for a refund at Apple, but I’ll probably come back as a paying customer whenever this is fixed.