Note context menu clutter

As a new user I actually got dizzy looking at the very long context menu in the beginning, and I noticed that a copy of the main Format menu is included at the root level.

Moving this to a Format submenu would help a lot for discoverability.

It’s a tricky balance to get right as the most frequent of these features you’d not want buried in submenus. Appreciate the feedback though, we’ll take it on board!

Agree that the format items are frequently used, and therefore probably the most important to learn the keyboard shortcuts of, so that writing notes becomes a fluent motion.

And consistency is important, the Insert menu up top is representet as a submenu, while the Format menu is not.

My problem is that, after you learn the keyboard shortcuts for the formatting, all the unused items make the items at the bottom harder to reach.

I fully agree that the long context menu is overwhelming, and also not very Mac-like. It’s also striking that there is a second context menu with a completely different layout under the gear button in the bottom right corner. Because of the differences in layout it even feels like separate unrelated layers.

Furthermore, it’s not clear to me where I should look for some actions. I assume that everything under the gear button is “note related” while right-clicking in the note is “format and content related”. However, this is not entirely the case: why is for instance Pin To Top in the context menu and not the gear menu? It feels very random.

We’ll have another review of the menus to see how to improve them, thanks for the feedback.

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Update: We’ve cleaned up the contextual menus in Agenda 14 for Mac, and also introduced the equivalent contextual menus on iOS and iPadOS.