Note content periodically runs together

I’m periodically seeing a problem where the Mac OS version of Agenda has a redraw glitch, wherein different notes “run together” as shown below:

As you can see above, there are three notes, and they seem to be incorrectly drawing/running over each other.

This can usually be resolved by switching to a new view. For instance, if this is happening “On the Agenda,” then when I swith to another view (such as a specific project, or my “Today” view), the newly drawn view is correct 98% of the time. When I return to the original view, 98% of the time, it draws itself correctly.

Sometimes a view will correct itself by changing view parameters. For instance, if I collapse a note, it causes the view to redraw enough that it often corrects. But not always. I would say trying to fix the view with this technique is 70% successful.

I have not yet determined exact reproduction steps but if I do, I’ll post them here.

Thanks for reporting this. We have heard about it quite a bit, but as you point out, actually reproducing it is tricky, which makes it difficult to isolate the issue.

As you say, switching project, or relaunching the app, fixes the issue, but it is annoying when it happens.

Please let us know if you notice some pattern or some steps to reproduce it. Would help a lot.