Note colour selector

I’ve been clicking away trying to unselect the colour of a note without success for a while. I finally noticed / remembered the ‘no colour’ option at the bottom of the menu.

Maybe it’s just me - but wouldn’t it be more obvious if the colour currently applied was indicated by a tick or similar, and that could be unselected by clicking on that colour?

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Yes, good point, we’ll see if this part can be improved, thanks for the suggestion. Btw, we already indicate the current color with a selection/checkmark but the part where if you’d select it again it would remove the color would make sense.

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I had another look but it actually already works as you suggest, if you select the text that is highlighted, a tick mark will show for the color, selecting it again will unhighlight the text.

Note that if you select the highlighted text but also part of text that isn’t highlighted, or highlighted with a different color, it won’t work as the first action will be to highlight the entire range with the color you picked (after which a tick mark should be shown in the menu and selecting the color again will unhighlighted as now all text in the selected range has a single color).

Thanks, got it! I was doing the second scenario.

Perhaps this has been suggested, but can we have a default note color?

We have some ideas to make this part of the project setting or template, can you describe what you would use this for?

For me, the notes in the middle pane blend together because there is no background color to distinguish them stylistically. The accent color does that, but only when the note is selected. That’s why a default color would be useful, preferably an option in settings.

It’s more complicated with the possibility of the accent color and default color clashing or not working well together. And then there’s the possibility of themes down the road—if Agenda goes in that direction.

So, maybe a default border would work better.

OK, clear, thanks. It probably makes more sense to think in the direction of themes that would allow to pick a background for notes by default in that case.