Not syncing with iPhone

I have Agenda installed in four devices: Mac mini, ipad, macbook air and iphone. All devices are syncing and working except the iphone. Is there any way of forcing it to sync?
ps. I read other posts here, but it didn’t work with my iphone.

Agenda syncs automatically, so it should not be needed to force it to sync.

Are you signed into the same iCloud account on that iPhone, and is the iCloud Drive turned on in the Settings app on that device? These are important in order to sync.

Do you see some data appear on the iPhone, or is it completely empty?

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Thank you for your response.
Yes, the sync is turned on in all devices. I can see just a part of data in the iPhone, it used to sync but in a moment it stopped working.

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Do the clouds still move in the small island icon in the inspector on the right?

I can’t see them, maybe because there is nothing to sync now. I will uninstall agenda from iphone and install it again next day.

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Ok, let me know how it goes, apologies for the hassle!

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