Not seeing all calendar events in Agenda (Exchange)

What I did: Used Preferences to set the “Show Events from:” to only one calendar, which is an Exchange calendar that I successfully use with the Apple Calendar App, Fantastical, and other Mac calendar apps.

What happened: Days in my Exchange calendar that have numerous events show nothing in Agenda.

What I expected: I expect to see an calendar event list in Agenda that matches what I see with my calendar apps like Fantastial.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 9.3.2 - Mac App Store, MacOS 10.15.4, MacBook Pro 16GB RAM.

Do the events only disappear after you set the preferences to only show one calendar? Or do some events never show? Or do no events from Exchange show at all?

Some events never show. I’ve tried adding multiple calendars to Agenda (I usually only use Agenda for my business Exchange notes). As I’m looking at Agenda right now, the only events I’m seeing in the right-hand event pane are recurring events. I don’t see any one-off events.

Here is my calendar for today. Events in Blue are on my corporate Exchange server:

Here is today in the Events pane of Agenda:


The only Exchange event that shows up for today is one that happens to be recurring (Bi-weekly SW Team Call). For the rest of the week as well, the only calendar events that Agenda shows are ones that are recurring.

Ok, thanks, we’ll have a look if we can figure out what’s going on.

Hi Alexander, any update on this issue? Any data I can send to help you troubleshoot?

Not yet I’m afraid, still investigating.

Is there anything I can do to help you? Inability to see non-recurring Exchange events makes Agenda useless for me and I REALLY LIKE THE PROGRAM.

I’m willing to take dev builds that generate additional debug info for you or anything else I can do to assist in resolving this.

Another piece of debugging information: Agenda now appears to be completely disconnected from my Exchange cal data. When I add my Exchange calendar to it, the only thing I see are Recurring events that have long been deleted from my calendar. I don’t see any recently added Recurring events nor any non-Recurring events.

Really sorry that we haven’t been able to figure out yet what’s causing this. When you say Agenda appears disconnected, what does the native Calendar app (not Outlook) show? Does it have all the events or does it show the same in Agenda?

Hi, please cancel this request as I’ve resolved the issue and the root cause wasn’t Agenda.

It turns out that MacOS’s calendar wasn’t sync’ing correctly with my exchange server so Agenda was seeing old Calendar events (and no new ones) from the last time MacOS Calendar sync’d correctly with Exchange. Events were showing up correctly in the Fantastical app because it syncs directly with Exchange, bypassing MacOS’s built-in exchange sync.

Clearing Calendar caches made MacOS Calendar happily sync with Exchange again and now I’m seeing up-to-date Calendar events in Agenda.

Ah great, very happy to hear that!