Not everything sync

What I did: working on laptop, I pinned to top few entries + set new preferences

What happened: opening hours later Agenda on iPad, none of the above were reflected/sync, while amendmends to the content itself were sync across as expected.

What I expected: Opening Agenda on iPad, I was expected to see these pinned-to-top notes pinned and greyed out too. Being the same account, I was expecting my new preferences choices to be sync across to iOS.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): latest version of OS and iOS. First generation of iPad Pro

Does it help if you force quit the app and start it again? See

Nope. Also On the Agenda changes were not sync either. I’m sure you’ll find a fix, but I hope it’s quick as this is a deal breaker for my workflow as I count on both platform to work, and what attracted me to Agenda was how smooth the transition was…

We should have an update tomorrow hopefully, would be good to know if that 4.1.2 update then fixes the issue, let us know.

Correction: it worked, just took longer to sync than expected. All good. I will monitor if I need to force quit each time or not… Cheers

Ah great to hear, first sync especially can take a while indeed, plus might also depend on network stability, battery level, etc. Let us know if you hit any further issues.

And unmatched support! Living in Western Australia, I am used to wait for the next day. I hope you guys also get some sleep… Thanks

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