Not all Calendars shown

I am looking for a way to have Agenda see the rest of my iCloud calendars. Presently, it only sees one of them though iCal shows ten of them in its iCloud list.


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Strange, can you send a screenshot of both Agenda and what Calendar app shows?

I cannot send a picture. This is day two of my Agenda experience and they are all there now. The problem fixed itself.

For completeness…

What you would have seen is the popup on 'Create Event’ show only my default calendar. In iCal, you would have seen ten calendars under the iCloud section. Today, all the iCloud items show in ‘Create Event’.

In my effort to debug, I changed the default calendar in iCal. That changed the one calendar shown in Agenda immediately.

I wrote this issue about six hours after I started Agenda. Why it got the default calendar but not the rest until today, I cannot imagine.

Good luck.

(And thanks for the work. I’m feeling very good about Agenda, paid some money and appreciate your responsiveness. Props.)

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I can back up this problem found by the OP @tqwhite

Only a selection of my calendars is being presented in the Create Event window. Please see screenshots I’ve uploaded:

Great to hear and thank you for your support, that’s awesome. And thanks for the detailed follow up, that definitely helps. What I think is happening is that we only show the calendars that Agenda has seen to the point we show the menu, i.e. when you go through a few dates and it has encountered calendars events for each calendars they all show. We’ll have a look if this is indeed the case and can be fixed.

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Based on the findings from OP’s, does it help if you move through a few days in the calendar popover or the inspector? Do you then see them appear?

I have a similar problem. One of my calendars doesn’t show up. Moving through the calendar doesn’t seem to help.

Can you send us screenshots of what’s missing compared to the Calendar app? What kind of calendar is this? Local, iCloud, Exchange?

Thanks for the reply. It fixed after restarting the system.

Thanks for the follow up, good to know!

Update: calendar updates and interaction should be much more robust in today’s 2.0 update.