No way to force a sync

What I did: Wrote a note on my Macbook Pro

What happened: Nothing

What I expected: To see the note on my iMac

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Mojave on both, Agenda 2.5.1.

I took a note yesterday on the road on my MBP. This morning I connected to my home network and haven’t seen the note sync to my iMac yet. I have iCloud Drive setup on both with Agenda enabled and have set Agenda preferences to sync usng iCloud. I’ve signed out and back in on both accounts.

This happens regularly. Sometimes I need to close both Apps and re-open them to force the sync. Is there any way to trigger a sync, like a Send/Receive in an email client?

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The app should automatically sync at least every minute or so. It is odd that it is taking so long to sync up.

Note that it might not be a problem on the device that doesn’t get the sync data; the problem could be on uploading the data from the original device. So having the app running on the other device might also be needed to upload the data properly.

We will consider if there is something we can do with forcing a sync.