No undo/crop in annotate

I wanted to crop an image on my iPhone and tried to do so by opening it with “Annotate…” I doodled absent-mindedly on the image (a rather poor decision on my part, I agree) and was surprised to find there was no undo. (There is no crop tool either)

I am running iOS 16 beta if that’s relevant

I think the undo would work. You might need to use the gesture (eg shake iPhone or three finger back swipe).

I thought we did have an undo button there too.

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Indeed, a three-finger tap brings up a floating menu that includes undo/redo. Thanks! That’s not very discoverable though :sweat_smile: I was also under the impression that an undo button was present. Maybe it’s something to do with iOS 16.

Ah, so this is in the beta? We will keep an eye on that.

Note that the undo is a standard Apple gesture, and should work in all apps. Discoverable it is not.

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