No shortcut recognized in the Shortcuts application (iPad)

I have the following problem: when I want to share a Markdown note with a shortcut created in the Shortcuts application, it doesn’t recognize any shortcuts (it tells me I don’t have any). This bug has only been happening for a few days now, whereas I hadn’t had any problems until now.
Thank you for your help!

For Shortcuts to show up you will first have to trigger an action in the app that can also be used as a shortcut (like selecting a project, or note). Did you reinstall Agenda recently by any chance?

Thank you for your answer, but even with the 4.0 update, my shortcuts (in Workflows) still don’t appear. I use the shortcut created by @heyscottyj (Thanks for that, it’s my favorite shortcut and it saves my days!). I see there’s another discussion about this, so we can merge the two if you want…

I’ve had this happen, too, where Shortcuts decides I don’t have any Shortcuts.

The best I can offer is trying to quit all apps and a hard reboot. That’s the only way I’ve gotten everything back, though sometimes not right away.

Glad you find what I made helpful!



Thanks for the tip. From our perspective, I don’t know what could cause this. I think it is indeed more likely a Shortcut app bug than an Agenda bug.