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What I did:

What happened:

What I expected:can anyone help?

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Were these pictures added on the same device as the screenshot was made, or was it added on a different devices and does it need to be synced. In the latter case, as attachments are synced separately from the rest of the library it can take a while before it makes it to all devices.

3 photos synced. rest Looks like this

unfortunatly Agenda Crashes every time, I’m trying to change something on it.

This looks like a sync that has not finished. Can you open the app, and let it sync? You can tell it is syncing by opening the right panel (iOS/iPadOS) and looking at the moving clouds on the island.

Let us know what the situation is, because this is expected for a new device that needs to sync, but would otherwise be very unusual.

Did you manage to solve this? It looks like you have very many attachments in one note. Perhaps the device is running out of memory to display them.

If you have the note on a Mac, perhaps you could split that into several different notes, and let it sync up. That might help.

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