No longer compatible with macOS Mojave?

Hi Agenda Staff,

Here is the current problem I believe your app faces. Agenda cannot promise that the app will always work, even if a user does not pay for an upgrade, if Agenda no longer supports older operating systems.

I just got to my computer and saw Agenda bouncing in the tray. Can’t be good.
The message shows Agenda wants to be updated but the options are a dark pattern. It says it’s incompatible with the OS on one of my computers. It’s the one I’m typing this message on.

It won’t update because I’m running Mojave, then it quits. Relaunching creates a loop that somehow I was eventually able to get out of but I smell a lawsuit or other problems in your future.

One of my categories contains keys and passwords to tens of thousands of dollars. During the above process I could not access any section or this information. If Agenda can be shown to limit access, while they had initially promised this wouldn’t happen, that’s going to be a legal challenge you potentially won’t win.

Agenda needs to either change it’s language and drop the line about not needing to update or if that’s left it needs to be updated to say that the app won’t work on older systems. Alternatively but more expensive upfront, you can support older systems.

I’m sorry but there is not a single piece of software that promises to always keep on working for ever while you are happily continue to move to new versions and operating systems. If you would not sync your data and do not update Agenda, then yes it will work forever obviously, but in this case you moved to a new version of Agenda on one of your other devices, which updates the data in iCloud in a way that it’s no longer compatible with versions below version 12.

So the solution is simple, make sure you update to version 12 on all your devices and everything will be fine.

I always find it curious why one would immediately assume maleficent intentions and jump to these kind of “threats”, it’s not very nice, especially when in this case Agenda still happily runs on all of the same macOS versions that it ran before (provided you keep it up-to-date)*.

And just to be clear, we don’t promise anywhere that “Agenda will always work, even if a user does not pay for an upgrade”. We promise that 1. premium features you buy will always stay unlocked, and 2. that we will continue to provide updates and bug fixes even if you stop paying.

*) I’m also pretty sure we’re in the minority when it comes to apps where the current version still supports 10.12.


My apologies first and foremost. I approached this entire situation poorly. What should have been questions to understand my situation, unfortunately, did dissolve into accusations and what seemed like a legal threat. Yikes

Moving forward, I no longer get the message and the app works just fine. I again really do apologize for how I came across in my post. I’ll be addressing this in the near future with a new MBP. Thanks.


No worries @steve17, much appreciated that you came back and wrote that. Glad to hear the app works fine again!