No Calendar and Reminder Notifications

What I did: Set a Reminder

What happened: No Notification

What I expected: I want to be informed by Agenda with Notifications

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): 8.0.2 / iOS13 / iPhone X

Shouldnˋt your Reminder App remind you?

No, I switched it off…would love to get reminders from Agenda instead

Well, in my opinion it’s not Agenda’s job to notify about reminders. Agenda has lots of things to do but not that. Just what I think. Letˋs see what the Developers have to say.

What I can imagine is a notification when a note is set to a certain day (no calendar or reminder entry though). But I think not even that makes perfect sense.



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Yes, we don’t want to replace the Calendar and Reminder apps entirely. Writing a note taking app that did all that as well would be enormously challenging, and many people already have a favourite app for that.

Our goal was just to integrate well with these other apps. We leave reminders and notifications to the Calendar and Reminders apps.

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